• "My grandma, in her 70s, lives on her own and deals with mobility challenges. Seeing how tough it is for her, I founded Oasis Pulse to assist people like her in preserving independence and easing discomfort."
    -Gede, the founder of Oasis Pulse.
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Cube Lift Recliner

View how cube lift recliner chair works. Infinite position and allow you to control back and leg independently. Shop Cube Lift Recliner Now.

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Who Will Benefit from A Lift Chair?

power lift chair for elderly

Elderly Individuals

power lift chair for elderly

Individuals with Limited Mobility

power lift chair for elderly

People with Chronic Pain

oasis pulse lift chairs for seniors

People Recovering from Surgery or Injury

The Oasis Pulse Story

oasis pulse team

Our Mission

Gede's grandmother, in her 70s, is navigating mobility challenges and experiencing leg pains. Meanwhile, an increasing number of American seniors find themselves living alone and in need of assistance. In response, Gede established Oasis Pulse to support those facing limited mobility, with the hope that everyone dealing with similar challenges can achieve greater independence.
In the future, Oasis Pulse will always look for the highest quality products at affordable prices to help people with mobility issues and improve their lives.

About Us

What our customers
are saying about us

We pride ourselves on our real customer feedback. Read this review below:

"About three months ago, I was about to have leg surgery. I might not be able to stand up and lie down easily for a while after the surgery, so I searched on the Internet for a massage chair that could be used after surgery, and I found Oasispulse's Cube+ Lift Recliner. Was able to meet all my needs and thanks to Oasispulse I now feel very comfortable and will even sleep in the Lift Recliner"


oasis pulse customer

"Thank you for your service! This is why I love Oasis Pulse. The whole company has a pleasant atmosphere and takes customer satisfaction very seriously!. I can't thank you enough for going the extra mile to deliver our order before our surgery. Have a nice weekend!"

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