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How to Fix a Power Lift Recliner Chair

how to fix recliner chair

A power lift recliner chair is a good furniture for people who need stand assistance, it is also a good partner to help us get relax after working. But you will be frustrating if it becomes irresponsible someday. If your power lift chair can not work smoothly like before or has no any response, then I’m afraid you have to fix it. Fortunately, you can do some troubleshooting by yourself before you call a recliner repair guy.


Problem One, Your Lift Chair Has No Any Response

1. If your recliner has no any response, firstly check the power box and cable, make sure your lift chair has got power.

1.1 Check the power transform box

Generally, a power lift recliner chair is coming with a power transform box. So take a look at your power. If the box works great, you will see a green indicator light on it. If the green light go out, you need to check the plug.

power transform box

1.2 Check the plug

Have a check on your plug and the cord. Make sure it’s plugged into the socket well. Sometimes, the power cable seems to be good, but it loosens actually.

If the power cord is plugged well and the green light still is off, it means you may receive a bad box or the cord running to the box may be defective. What you need to do is get a new power cord and power transform box.

1.3 Unplug it and check all wiring

If your power transform box and power cord are working correctly, then you need to check the wiring on the back of your lift chair. Lean your chair against the wall and make sure non of the wiring is damaged. If one of the wiring is damaged, you need to ask the retailer or recliner repair guy for help. A lift chair is with at least one year warranty. However, Oasis Pulse power lift recliner chair comes with 5 year warranty.

 1.4 Check your remote control

If the power box and all wiring are both good, then you need to check your remote control. Unfortunately, there is no indicator lights on a remote control. So the only solution is to change a new one. If a new remote control still can not help, you need to check your motor.

lift recliner remote control

1.5 check your motor

Contact the retailer and find out the type model of your motor, change a new one. If your lift chair is still during the warranty, just contact the retailer and ask them to send you a new one. When your warranty expire, you can try to buy a new one and replace it by your own or call a recliner repair guy.

When you decide to replace motor by yourself, you need to take the bolts that connect to your motor to the frame off. And that will release your motor, just be carefully watch out, sometimes the things can collapse fast.  

Lift Recliner Chair Motor 

Problem Two, Recliner Chair Operates Very Slowly, Slower Than Its Normal Speed.

2. You may realize that your recliner chair seems to work, but not as fast as before. Or it can not lift properly.

2.1  Rolled the chair and check the back

Sometimes, there may be unexpected subjects on the back, like your pet hairs or something like that, which cause your chair to be stuck. You need to roll the lift chair and remove the obstacle.

2.2 Check your back battery if your recliner chair has one.

Some lift chairs come with a back battery. First of all, check the outlet. If outlet was fine and indeed. In this case, your back battery may be only intended to help you close the chair in the event of a power failure. So reconnect the power supply, your problem may be solved.

Problem Three, Your Recliner Chair Make Noise When It’s Working

3. Click sound noise

Find out where the noise is from. In many cases, the motor will make a buzzing noise. Like what I said above, get in touch with the retailer and find out the type model of your motor, replace it with a new one by yourself or call a recliner repair guy for professional help.


Q1. What If the Fabric or the Leather Is Worn Out?

Actually, it’s impossible to fix worn fabric or leather. Damage like this is irreversible. It’s advised to buy a recliner cover to protect your recliner chair.

Q2. Does Medicare Pay for Electric Recliners

Medicare typically does not cover the cost of electric recliners, also known as lift chairs, as they are considered to be primarily for comfort and convenience rather than medical necessity. Medicare generally provides coverage for medical equipment and services that are deemed medically necessary and prescribed by a healthcare provider to treat or manage a specific medical condition.

However, there can be exceptions in certain situations. If a lift chair is prescribed by a healthcare provider as a medical necessity for a patient's specific health condition, such as severe arthritis or mobility issues, and it meets Medicare's criteria for durable medical equipment (DME), there may be some coverage. In such cases, the patient may need to go through a process to request coverage and meet certain requirements.

Q3. What Is the Best Lift Chair for Elderly

When buying a lift chair for elderly, you need to take the size and softness, recliner position, remote control into consideration. Remote control help them to control the lift chair easily and conveniently. And make sure the cushion, backrest is soft enough since they may spend a whole lot of time on it. In case, additional features like Of course take your budget into consideration. Read how to choose a recliner chair, you will know more.

Recliner chair

Q4. How Much Are Lift Chairs for Seniors

The cost of lift chairs for seniors can vary widely based on several factors, including the chair's features, quality, brand, and where it is purchased. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $400 to $1,500 or more for a lift chair.

Basic lift recliner chairs start at around $400 to $800. Mid-range lift chairs usually range from $800 to $1,200. Premium lift chairs with advanced features, high-quality materials, and extensive customization options can cost between $1,200 and $1,500 or more.

Q5. What Is the Average Lifespan of a Lift Recliner Chair?

With proper maintenance, these chairs can last for many years.

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