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How Many Types of Recliner Chairs Are There

How Many Types of Recliner Chairs Are There

A recliner chair is specially designed for people to adjust the backrest and footrest to their desired angle. So we can get the best position to take a relax. If you are new to buying a recliner, you may be confused by the types of recliners in a showroom. Now I will tell you several types of recliners on the market.

How Are Recliners Operated

Recliners can be divided into manual recliners and power recliners according to the way they are operated. Manual recliners are operated by a lever, handle, or button operates manual recliners. Power recliners are equipped with a motorized mechanism that enables you to change the chair's position. They are often controlled by a remote. Most power recliners will come with vibration, heating, and lifting features. Recliners with lifting features is also called lift recliners. Learning the pros and cons of a lift recliner will help you make a decision when buying reclienrs. Both manual recliners and power recliners have a lot of variety when it comes to functionality and style.

Reclining Position Options

According to reclining position options, recliners can be divided into 2-position recliners, 3-position recliners, and infinite-position recliners. Most 3-position and infinite-position recliners are operated by electricity.

2-Position Recliners

2-position recliners are a specific type of recliner chair that offers two primary positions for the user to adjust. This is a kind of traditional recliner chair. They have only two fixed positions: upright and fully reclined. In the upright position, the recliner is in a regular sitting position, similar to a standard chair. This is the default position when the recliner is not engaged or in use. A fully reclined position will provide us with a comfortable and relaxed position. They will be your style if you like retro style. But it’s not a good choice for the seniors since they are operated by manual.

3-Position Recliners

3-position recliners are a type of recliner chair that offers three primary seating positions for users to adjust. A stand position just like a regular armchair allows you to sit upright. A partial position allows you to recline partially, offering a comfortable semi-reclined angle. This position is great for activities like reading or watching television with a slightly laid-back feel. It can also help people with limited mobility to stand up.

Infinite Position Recliners

Infinite position recliners are a highly adjustable type of recliner chair designed to offer a wide range of seating positions. They are similar to 3-position recliners, the difference is that the backrest and footrest recliners are operated independently. So certain models of infinite-position recliners offer a zero-gravity position too.

Recliners’ Functionality and Style

When we are talking about function and styles, you will have to know lever recliners, latch recliners, wall hugger recliners, rocker recliners, glider recliners, swivel recliners, zero gravity recliners, push-back recliners, and power lift recliners. They work a bit differently.

1. Lever Recliner

lever recliner

A lever recliner, also known as a manual recliner, is a type of recliner chair that is operated using a simple lever mechanism.
The primary method of adjusting a lever recliner is through the use of a lever typically located on the side of the chair. By pulling the lever, you can engage the reclining mechanism and adjust the chair to its desired position.
While lever recliners may lack the automated convenience of power recliners, they remain a popular choice for those who prefer a classic, manual reclining experience.

2. Pull Handle Recliner

A pull-handle recliner, also known as a latch recliner chair, is a type of manual recliner that operates using a pull mechanism. Unlike lever recliners, which use a lever typically located on the side of the chair, pull-handle recliners have a handle, often in the form of a small knob or grip, situated on the side of the chair.
The pull handle design provides a straightforward and convenient way for users to recline and return the chair to an upright position.

3. Wall Hugger Recliner


A wall-hugger recliner is a type of recliner chair specifically designed to optimize space in smaller rooms. Totally different from other recliners that require ample space between the chair and the wall to fully recline, wall-hugger recliners are engineered to operate efficiently in close proximity to walls and other furniture.
The defining characteristic of a wall-hugger recliner is its ability to recline without taking up much space. The chair's design allows it to move forward as it reclines, minimizing the distance needed between the back of the chair and the wall.
Wall-hugger recliners come in both manual and power-operated versions. Manual wall-hugger recliners often have a lever or pull handle, while power wall-huggers feature a motorized mechanism for effortless reclining.

4. Rocker Recliner

rocking recliner

A rocker recliner is a versatile type of chair that combines the relaxing features of a traditional recliner with the soothing motion of a rocking chair. This hybrid design offers you the option to not only recline into a comfortable position but also enjoy a gentle rocking motion. They move back and forth, rocking on an arc.

5. Glider Recliner

glider recliner

A glider recliner, also known as a gliding recliner or glider rocker recliner, is a type of chair that combines the features of a traditional recliner with a gliding or rocking motion. This chair is designed to provide a smooth back-and-forth gliding motion in addition to the reclining functionality. Unlike rocker recliners, glider recliners move on a track, making the ride feel slightly smoother. Rockers and gliders are great for moms or nurseries to make baby sleep.

6. Swivel Recliners

A swivel recliner is a type of recliner chair that not only provides the comfort of reclining but also incorporates a swiveling feature, allowing the chair to rotate or turn on its base. This additional functionality enhances the flexibility and versatility of the recliner, making it a popular choice for various seating arrangements.
Swivel recliners are an excellent choice for those who desire the flexibility to easily change the orientation of their seating without having to reposition the entire chair.

7. Zero Gravity Recliner

zero gravity recliner

A zero gravity recliner is a specially designed chair that aims to replicate the position of the body in a weightless environment, such as the feeling experienced by astronauts in space. These recliners are crafted to distribute the user's weight evenly, promoting a sense of weightlessness and providing numerous potential health benefits.
The unique design and potential therapeutic advantages make Zero Gravity Recliners a sought-after choice for those seeking a comfortable and health-conscious seating solution.

8. Push-back recliner

push back recliner

A push-back recline is a type of recliner that features a unique mechanism for adjusting the seating position. Unlike traditional recliners with levers or handles, push-back recliners rely on the person’s weight and force to achieve a reclined position.
Push-back recliners offer a contemporary and functional alternative for those who appreciate a streamlined appearance and a more intuitive reclining experience.

9. Power lift recliner

A power lift recliner is a type of recliner chair equipped with a motorized lifting mechanism that assists people in transitioning from a seated to a standing position. This type of recliner is designed to provide additional support and ease of mobility, particularly for individuals with limited strength or mobility challenges. Power lift recliners are great for seniors and people who are trying to recover from surgery.


Q1 What’s the best recliner?

When buying a recliner, you should know what function and style you need. The one which can meet your demands is the best. As for quality, the most important is to buy from a reliable brand that will offer better customer service and support. Also, take your budget and weight into consideration. The prices of recliners can vary from $400 to $1500 depending on their material and function. You may wonder how to choose a recliner.

Q2 Do leather couches and recliners cost more than other types of sofas, love seats, and chairs made with different materials?

Yes, generally, leather couches and recliners tend to be more expensive due to its luxurious feel and durability.

Q3 What is a multi-purpose chair?

We can use a recliner chair in our daily life as a multi-purpose chair. You can do any work by sitting on that. Like working on it, taking relax, finding the best position for watching TV, assisting with standing up, and sleeping.

Q4 Where can I find good quality recliner chairs online?

There are so many online websites and furniture stores that sell recliners and couches. When buying recliners online, you need to check the product review, brand reputation, and customer service. Lazy boy and Spin Life are old brands. They are reliable, but some new brand is not bad. New brand recliners are more affordable but with good quality and long warranty.

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