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What's Difference Between Expensive and Cheap Lift Recliner Chairs

What's Difference Between Expensive and Cheap Lift Recliner Chairs

Lift recliner chairs seem to be the most comfortable and luxurious furniture in our house. Besides, they also provide ease for individuals with limited mobility. Whenever you plan to buy one, you will find out that some are extremely expensive, it may be more than $2000, however, some are much cheaper. This guide will discuss why lift recliner chair prices vary from $300 to $2000. Many factors will make a lift recliner chair costly.

Why Do Lift Recliner Chairs Prices Vary From $300-$2000, Even More?

Upholstery, quality of materials, and additional features play an important role in making lift recliners costly. The offered warranty and customer support also affect its price.


Upholstery of a lift recliner chair will determine its comfort, overall appeal, and appearance. It also influences the chair's durability and maintenance. There are mainly 4 types of upholstery materials i.e fabric, high-performance fabric, real leather, and faux leather. Each of them has unique features.

The fabric offers soft, cozy seating, and breathability, while high-performance fabric provides more protection against stains. The leather gives a luxurious look and performs longer than other types. The better the upholstery material, the more your lift chair will cost. Oasis Pulse offer both fabric lift recliner and leather lift recliener.


Size of chair is another factor. Oversized lift recliners generally need more labor and material, so they will cost a little bit more than small lift recliners.

Frame Material

Most lift chairs have a wood frame and steel base. As for wood frame, some lift recliner manufactures will use plywood, which is more expensive than cheap wood. Plywood is a stronger wood product and offer almost a double life as the one made of chip wood.


lift recliner chair construction

The number of springs and how the parts are built in a recliner chair really determine its comfort and adjustability. The more adjustable the lift recliners, the more springs they have, resulting in a higher price.

Lifting System

You may note that some lift recliners don’t have a remote control. You need to push a power button on it to make it lift or recline. Some come with a remote control, which is more convenient to use. The different lifting system is also an actor affecting its price. Lift recliner chairs with remote control will cost a bit more.

Quality of the Motor

Motor is also important for lift recliner chairs. A high-quality motor works without making annoying noise and has a durable life than cheap one.

Additional Features

Modern lift chairs will have various additional features, such as massage and heating system, USB charging port, and cup holders. The more features, the more it will cost.

Battery Backup

Some lift recliner chairs have a battery backup in case that the power is cut off. Such a lift chair will cost more than other.

Cushion and Padding

lift chairs with thickend cushion

The soft, comfortable cushions and thick padding contribute to the overall comfort of the recliner. Chairs come with bulky, plush cushions comprised of either high-density foam or memory foam will be more expensive.

Customer Support and Product Warranty

Some lift chair manufactures offer white glove for their customers. And offering lifetime warranty or several years warranty. Lift recliner chairs with such a long warranty will generally cost more than other.
In conclusion, a lift chair come with luxury upholstery, plywood, high-quality motor, and massage will cost about $1000. The warranty and customer support offered by the manufacture may result in an even higher price.

What Advanced Features May Be Missing in Budget-friendly Lift Recliners?

Now we know why some lift recliner chairs are so expensive, but you can also find many budget-friendly lift recliners on the market. Compared to expensive lift recliners, some additional features may be missing in budget-friendly lift recliners.

Massage and Heating System

For a budget-friendly lift recliner chair, it doesn’t come with massage and heating system. Some come with limited massage option.

Remote Control

Remote control offer convenience for users, but it may be not available in budget-friendly options. They may be reclined by pushing its power button.

USB Port Charging

Stand up recliner chair with USB charging allow us to charge electronic devices conveniently., which cannot be found in budge-friendly options.

Adjustable Lumbar Support

High-end lift chairs allow individuals to adjust lumbar support according to their preferences. While, such a function is missing in a budget-friendly option. Oasis Pulse cube+ lift recliner chair comes with adjustable lumbar support.

Adjustable Backrest and Footrest Independently

Costly lift chairs will have dual motors, which allow us to adjust backrest and footrest independently. A Budget-friendly option generally has one motor, so its foot and back will move together.

Lay Flat

lay flat lift recliner

Not all lift chairs can recline up to 180°. Most budget-friendly recliner chairs can only recline up to 165 °even smaller. If you want a 180° recliner, which allows you to sleep like on a bed, you may be interested in lay flat lift recliners.

Extended Warranty

lift recliner chair with 5 year warranty

Expensive lift recliner chairs often offer a long warranty. La z boy recliner chairs offer lifetime warranty. Most manufactures offer 3-5 years warranty.


Q1 Are all lift chairs expensive? Are there any budget-friendly options available?

Of course, there are budget-friendly lift recliner chairs, which may cost about $400-$600. You can make your decision based on your budget and needs.

Q2 Do I have to buy expensive lift chairs?

It depends on your budget and your preference. Also consider the lifting mechanism, materials, comfort, and additional features based on your needs.

Q3 Do cheap lift recliner chairs break easily?

While some may be less durable, proper care and maintenance can extend the lifespan of cheaper chairs.

Q4 What features should I prioritize when choosing a lift recliner?

Consider the lifting mechanism, materials, comfort, and additional features based on your needs.

Q5 How do I choose between leather and fabric upholstery?

Consider your lifestyle, preferences, and maintenance capabilities. Leather offers luxury, while fabric provides more variety. The guide on how to choose a lift chair may help you better.

Q6. How often should I clean and maintain my lift recliner chair?

Follow the manufacturer's recommendations, but generally, regular cleaning and maintenance are advisable. You may be interested in how to maintain your lift chair.

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