Cubby Lift Recliner Chair for Petite Elderly: Massage and Heat 23" Seater

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  • "My right knee had been hurting for a while. When the chair arrived, it was even more painful. To get up from a sitting position, I had to think about it and then push myself with both hands. I used a function of the chair that made me almost stand up, which helped me get out of the chair easily. It made my life much easier until I finally went to the doctor and had the fluid in my knee drained, and then I didn’t need that function anymore."
  • —Margaret Swan★★★★★
lift recliner chair with heat and massage


Overall View

We chose the brand name Oasis Pulse because we hope that what we do will be like an oasis providing relief in a desert landscape. Help you rediscover independence.

Overall Size




Weight Capacity

350 LBS

size of fabric lift recliner


Please note that the dimensions were measured manually, there might be a slight 1-2 inches difference.
Construction differences in upholstery covering (cloth and leather) can cause variances in dimensions.

Foot Rest

16 in

Seat Width

23 in

Seat Depth

20.47 in

fabric lift recliner chairs

Sweat a lot and would have to stay away from hot materials, ie. leather, faux, suede etc.?

Soft & Breathable Fabric

This compact recliner employs fabric craftsmanship, delivering an exceptionally comfortable touch. Unlike leather recliners, fabric recliners are made to breathe well and provide an excellent place for relaxation. By the way, leather chairs are prone to scratches more than fabric recliners.

lift recliner chair with power push button

Experiencing extreme muscle weakness and using a standard recliner now, but having difficulty getting up?

Power Push Button Control

If you or a family member is grappling with illness and struggles with getting up, a power lift recliner is a fantastic solution. It effortlessly assists you in standing up with just a press of the button located beneath the armrest.

Looking for more recliners for shorter people and shorter heavyset folks? Or leg does not touch the floor?

3 Position & for User 5'1" to 5'7"

This lift recliner is designed specifically for individuals seeking smaller recliners. This petite lift chair is recommended for individuals ranging from 5'1" to 5'7" in height. With a seat height of only 18.5 inches from the floor, you can rest assured that your feet will comfortably reach the ground.

fabric lift recliner chairs with high rebound sponge

After 3-4 weeks the padding in the seat portion loses its support. Had to add extra cushion for stability ?

High Rebound Sponge

This power lift recliner boasts a seat cushion filled with high-rebound sponge, providing unparalleled support and comfort. Its resilience and support endure even with prolonged use, guaranteeing a comfortable experience that lasts.

lift recliner chair with heat and massage

Looking for A Lift Chair with Heat?

Heat and Massage

With 8 different massage settings at your disposal, you have the flexibility to personalize your massage experience to cater to any part of your body in need of relaxation and relief. The added heated feature ensures cozy warmth on those chilly winter days, creating an indulgent spa-like atmosphere in the comfort of your own home.

oasis pulse lift recliner with 5 year warranty

Within 3 months the hand control stopped working, and There is no manual backup to operate the chair resulting in my having to call EMS to get him out of the chair?

5 Year Warranty

If you're experiencing issues with your electric lift recliner chair due to high service repair costs, look no further than Oasis Pulse for assistance. All recliners purchased from our website come with a 5-year warranty.

fabric lift recliner chairs

The quality of the furniture you sat on in showroom is NOT what was delivered? And it is delivered more than 3 months.

Oasis Pulse Lift Chair Coming Same As Described

If you've ever tried out a recliner in a showroom and fell in love with it, only to be disappointed by a lower-quality version upon delivery, don't fret. At Oasis Pulse, we assure you that the lift chair delivered to your doorstep will be of the same quality as described.

Your Chair, Your Way

More Details

lift recliner chair for living room

Comfortable Full Padding

Thick seating memory foam. Breathable fabric. High rebound sponge.

lift recliner with cup holder

Dual Cup Holders & Side Pockets

Equipped with side pockets and cup holders. These are designed for your convenience.

package of lift recliner chairs


1. The chair comes in 2 boxes and we ship them on the same day. But the carrier may deliver on different days.
2. Easy assembly required, no tools needed.

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Elvira M. Self

Thank you 😊


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